I'm so happy and excited to announce that we will be adding to our family in December! 


You might now be asking yourself what does that mean for Littles 'n Lace Events and it really means nothing major is changing for our company yet. I've made every change that I knew I might need to long before this year started and for the clients I did have for the year, I already made it so this didn't effect them at all. My materniety leave will more than likely start in mid-December and yes you heard me right I WILL be taking one, adding the baby to the mix will make us have to adjust and December-February is usually the slowest part of the year since we already have most planning done for our couples by then. 

This business was built on my dream I had when I was younger and didn't become a reality till I became a mom so I am fully ready and capable to add to our family and take care of my business and clients at the same time. I also have my amazing husband who has taken care of every wedding day and is invested just as much as I am. 

I so excited for the year ahead and all of our new clients for 2018.