I’ve had two baby and have learned so much from both and one thing I’ve learned is expensive doesn’t always mean good when it comes to baby products but I’ve rounded up 6 of my go to items that I swear by plus some extras that we also loved!


1. Dock A Tot - Sleep easy at naptime knowing your little is in one of these. Remy LOVED her Dock a Tots I got both sizes and she loved sleeping in them and I felt good knowing she was in them if I needed to take a nap.

2. Flower Sink Mat - I really dreaded bath time with Kayden the little bath seat he had would always slip around and bending over after my c-section really hurt my back for quite some time. With Remy we got this flower sink bath mat and it was worth every penny!

3. Pack ‘n Play - We had a pack ‘n play for Kayden & Remy & it made sleeping at night so much easier with them by my side and not in their nurseries till they finally started having less feedings at night. I also loved them for when we traveled. It keeps them on theri backs and nothing in there to worry about hurting them.

4. Ikea High Chair - I admit we did not get to use this one with Kayden but I wish we did cause the clean up on this high chair makes life so much easier than having a fabric one. Ther break down on it is also easy if you want to take it with your when you travel.

5. Aquaphor Baby - GET IT NOW. This stuff is the best for diaper rashes and getting rid of craddle cap! I can’t recommend it enough.

6. Graco Stroller System - It’s such a great deal on a stroller system and they are extremely durable! It makes life easier to just be able to clip in the carseat and go weather you are using the stroller or popping them into the car. You can also still use the stroller even after they have grown out of their infant car seat.

7. Medela Breat Milk Storage Bottles - OK this is one that you can use if you breast feed of formula feed. These things are great for travel and I used them to store our formula before we added the water to the bottles. We traveled with them, used them at night for easy feeding and helped me get through formula feeding with both babies.

8. Play Mat - This is always a great little toy for when your baby is laying here learning about their surroundings and good for tummy time.

9. Baby Einstein Neighborhood Jumper - I really loved this for Kayden and Remy they both got to use it which was really speacial and we even got to pass it onto their cousin. I made getting chores done or cooking dinner easier so I didn’t have to carry them and they got to workout and make their legs stronger.

10. Boppy - Now let me tell you I vcouldn’t breast feed and still found this piloow extremly helpful with both of my babies.

11. Baby Carrier - I bought 2 other carriers before this one which means I waisted a lot of money cause carriers are so expensive. This one was a dream it fit on me and my husband and Remy LOVED it!

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