Bucket list item officially checked off! I have been wanting to go to The Museum of Ice Cream since the LA locaition had opened and seriously considered trveling there just to see it, luckily the SF location opened and I knew I had to go BUT the tickets sell out FAST! Like if you want to go get tickets right now! HERE! Cause they sell out fast and it's a pop up museum meaning it won't be here forever :(


One night Remy woke up and I was browsing Instagram and saw they released more tickets for the SF museum Greg said get them {cause he was sick of hearing about it lol}  I got lucky and snagged three for all of us to go. 

If I could sum up the museum in one sentence I'd say it's a extra Pink ice cream lovers dream museum. You enter each room and just explore take photos and have a blast. Obviously this isn't your typical museum! You can take photos in every room, talk and be as loud as you want {I mean without being a crazy person} and just be happy with your favorite people in toe.


Who this museum isn't for is... 1. People who hate ice cream, cause you get to eat lots of ice cream and other sweets. 2. People who hate fun, cause honestly everyone around you is having fun. and 3. Also people who don't like taking photos or hate instagram cause lets face it thats what the majority of people are there doing taking photos and posting them to instrgram. 


Another amazing thing is everyone that works there is supre kind and sweet, I'd imagine just like a scoop of ice cream if ice cream had a personality and could talk ya know? The only thing missing was champange but it's an ice cream museum and not a champange one.


Kayden's favorite part was the was the sprinkle pool and he wanted to take all the "sprinkles" home. {They are NOT real sprinkles btw} My favorite room was the circus animal one. I've always been a fan of circus animal crackers with the yougurt coating so the moment I saw it I was in LOVE. Greg loves mint and his favorite room was of course the mint room. 


To wrap up this post all I have to say is GO! You won't regret it and you and who ever you take will have a blast just like we did I imgaine!

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