Well it's been a full year since returning from our LEGO Land Trip in San Diego California {or is it really Carlsbad?} and I have put this trip review off for WAY to long. We still talk about our trip and how much fun we had. First I have to say this place was made for kids! From the moment we arrived driving up to the LEGO Land Hotel they had lego people lining the drive way to the parking lot. {Kayden LOVED it!}


When we originally bought the tickets in March 2018 I had made sure to get every add on we could afford and valet parking was one of them, let me say this was worth EVERY penny! The parking lot to the two hotels and the LEGOLAND Park is huge and in my opinion wouldn't be easy to navigate without someone who works there, also quite a trec to walk with two kids and all the things you had to bring with to on your family vacation. In other words buy the valet parking!


This is where it’s at, of course I didn’t stay at the castle location I’m sure it’s just as great BUT I loved this hotel! The moment we arrived at the LEGOLAND Hotel we were greeted with smiles and a lego pit for the kids to play in while we checked in, which if you’ve been on a 8 hour drive you need that! They didn’t have our room available, but instantly gave us a restaurant credit to either restaurant located in the hotel for us to use. In the lobby they also have a cafe for parents to sit at while the kids play across the way in a castle built of legos! DREAM!


The rooms were AMAZING! They have an area for the parents and two bunk beds for the kids. Their toilet is even made for kids that might sound silly but when you have kids you get it! Each level of the hotel is a different theme also. We had a pirate room and every day you stay their they put in a new lego in the tresure chest that each room has and you have to get the code by doing the scavenger hunt from the front desk.


The pool was the perfect size for the kids to play in had enough shallow area for the kids who couldn’t quite swim yet and the deep end was blocked off so no one really drifted over there. At 8pm they also have a movie playing for the so you can watch the movie and swim.


The WaterPark 
I personally had the most fun in the water park floating down the lazy river. I do think ordering a cabana would be worth it if you spend all day there, if not enter the water park and go to the right their is an entire section of lawn chairs that are free to enjoy. I noticed the toddler area filled up faster than the rest of the park. Also the earlier you get to the water park the better and I mean it once 2 hit the place was pretty busy.


Food in the Park

Ok this was a tough one I have to say it was a little hard to find a place ouside of the hotel we could all enjoy until we went to Fun Town’s Urban Kitchen they had the kind of food we all enjoy. The line was a little confusing but the food was delicious!

Food in the Hotel

Every morning we enjoyed the breakfast buffet, it was all freashly made and they were accomidating to allergies. You could also either pick to eat inside or outside.

For dinner our first night we ate at Brick’s Family Lounge and they had a little show for the kids to enjoy while we ate. The pirate also went around to all of the tables and told some jokes.

The second night we ate at Skyline Cafe and it was also really good food, if you are craving a burger I highly suggest this place or maybe if you need a cocktail.

Every single morning we went to Mini’s Cafe {I had mentioned it before} and had our morning coffee instead of leaving the park and going to the nearest starbucks it saved and time and money. Kayden also got to play in the lego castle which is directly across from the cafes lounge.


Q’s & A’s about LEGOLAND

Q1. Do you have to love legos to enjoy it?

A1 . Absolutely NOT! The rides are lego based and the park is dedicated to lego lovers BUT you do not need to love legos to enjoy this amusement part.

Q2. Do they have rides for everyone?

A2. Yes! There were some things Remy of course couldn’t do being only 6 months old but we went on pretty much every ride together. They have family frinedly rides to roller coasters and so on.

Q3. What passes should I get and from where?

A3. I’d get the LEGOLAND 2 day hopper and go to all three parks {the legoland, aquarium & water park.} We got all three for a steal and had the most amazing time doing it all. I do think 3 days would have been better we didn’t even get to touch one part of the park because of how we broke up our days.


I asked Kayden if he had to pick what is favorite part of Legoland was and he said it was the Ninjago ride, it was a really fun ride and trip! And now that I’ve shared our trip I am feeling nostalgic and I miss it so time to book another vacation there! 😉 I hope you all enjoyed our thoughts on LEGOLAND & get to experiance it soon!

*This trip and post was NOT sponsored and this is our honest opinion of LEGOLAND. :)

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