My goal this year as a mom, wife and business owner I vowed that this year I’d make self care as a priority. You may think why or thats stupid but last year I found myself really burnt out and more anxious I realized I was taking care of everyone else around me but never myself. Sure I’d take my typical hair appointments and keep those doctor appointments but other than that I didnt take days to rest and reset alone or just relax on the couch with a good book which I LOVE doing! So this year I vowed to do that and with the help of Rachel Hollis’s Life Coahing Sessions I’m on the road to getting that much needed self care.

Something that always held me back from doing things for myself was that good old mom guilt and it sucked the life out of me. Always thinking what will people think if I just need a hour to myself or to take a day at the spa to recharge but I’m learning and training my brain to get rid of that guilt cause it really don’t care what people think everyone lives and needs to do what they need to survive and I know taking time for myself will make me better in all aspects of my life. So here is MY Morning Routine.

5:00 AM - Wake Up

  • Brush Teeth 

  • Wash Face 

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Get dressed 

  • Make Bed


5:45 AM - Head down stairs

  • Drink full glass of water

  • Make Coffee 

  • Start The Day Journal 

  • Enjoy Coffee 

  • Eat Breakfast 

6:00 AM - Rachel and Dave Morning Show

6:30 AM - Enjoy the rest of my morning

7:00 AM - Wake the Kids 

You probably are wondering when do I get lunch ready for Kayden or or that other stuff and I get everything for Kayden’s school ready the night before and just put it in the fridge. I noticed when he first started school and I had gotten things ready in the morning it left zero time to enjoy the morning with him so I switched things up fast to get him ready the night before.

I’m excited to see how the morning routine goes throughout the year and how it changes my mood. I hope you enjoyed and felt inspired!

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