One shop I adore is Anthropologie. Really you guys I can’t get enough of it if I visit a new place or see that the town I’m in has one I have to go there and I need to see all the things! They get my creativity flowing and every year for Christmas I treat myself to a new piece of Holiday decor from there. Their boutique is not cheap so I know that I need to be super intentional with what I get from there and really try to pick items I know I will use again next year or maybe even things that will be used somewhere else in my home.

I hope you love the items that I picked this year from their holiday collection and find something you love as well. Each photo is linked through my and will get you to the item I loved. The items I got their year were the gingerbread door mat, the beautiful floral garland and the floral stems <3 I hope you love t all!

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