I Can not believe it has been a month since we were in the happiest place on earth. I miss the smell, it has this sweet smell and as Kayden liked to call it ‘the disney experience.’ he was a jokester this whole trip and was saying the funniest things on the drive there and while we were enjoying our trip. We had a great time, but you know after every good trip you need another vacation or just a really good massage! {am i right mamas?}

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Some down falls… Remy hated waiting in line, but can’t blame her does anyone really like waiting in a line? lol The Disneyland Resort Hotel was also a little less than magical and I’m pretty sure they lost our reservation luckily they gave us a complamentary charecter breakfast for the kids to enjoy on my birthday. I won’t stay there again BUT I would stay at the Grand Californian hotel again we had a much better experiance there. I’ve also heard great things about HoJo of Aneheim so I’d highly recommend that also.

Some things we LOVED our Bengets from The Jazz Kitchen of course, they were delicious and this if my favorite dessert! Our breakfast with the characters was a lot of fun and Kayden and Remy really loved it Kayden even got to meet Pluto this time who he really likes. My birthday Dinner at Catal Resturant in Downtown Disney was amazing the food was really good, they had options for kids and the service was just as good I highly recommend this place and their Pear Martini was sooo good!

We revisited Toon Town which I hadn’t been to for a long time and the kids got to run around and play, it’s a great way for them to get out some energy and enjoy some time at the park.


Helpful Tips:

  1. Use Costco to book your Disney Vaction - I owe every single penny we have saved to the Costco disney vacation packages they have great deals and you can book everything through them with a few clicks of your mouse! {No pun intended} Another great way to book your trip is CityPass especially if you plan on going to more than one theme park.

  2. Download the Disneyland Mobile App. - After you book your vacation this should be one of the first things you do. You can log into your account and access your tickets for the whole family and you can get a lay of the land if you’ve never been to Disneyland or California Adventure. You can also see wait times at all of the attractions, find out where characters will be and when and before everyone gets hangry you can find a place for the family to eat.

  3. Get the Magic Mornings - You know all those fun rides you really want to go on that always have those long waits? {Cars, Splash Mountain, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean…} Well with a magic morning you get early access into the park {they switch off mornings} but with a magic morning you are way more likely to get on that ride you want if you do and get some fast passes.

  4. Go during the week days! - I know I know you gotta work or the kids are in school, but believe me you’ll thank me when you aren’t waiting in a 3 hour line for it’s a small world or cars.

  5. Book in off seasons - I know you really want to see it in the christmas time well if thats the case go right after thanksgiving break or if you want to go in the spring go before spring break. They hike up prices in peak seasons or when new attractions are coming. A great website to check out disneylands traffic calendar is here.

  6. Character Dining - It costs a little more but in the morning when the kids are pumped to meet the characters and you are less thrilled to wait in line to meet goofy or daisy the character dining will save your sanity and they feed you so bonus. The characters come to your table take photos with the kids and even sign their autograph books if you want.


Places We Love to Eat

Goofy’s Kitchen {Make Reservations}

Jazz Kitchen Express {Bengiets Stop}

Catal Resturant {Make Reservations}

Tortilla Jo’s - {Delicious Mexican Food & Balloon aniamls for the kids} {make sure you tip the balloon animal makers they are great}

Starbucks - {this starbucks was the least packed it is at the very end of downtown disney near the disneyland hotel}


Well you guys I hope you enjoys seeing some snaps from our trip and the tips I shared. If you ever have any more questions drop them in the comments!

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