The day has finally come and I can now show you our home office, this project has taken a little longer than i expected but it has made me fall even more in love with interior design and decorating.

For the design I wanted to make sure I kept in mind both of Greg and I were going to be using the space. My office before was a lot more geared toward my wedding planning business and we didn’t really factor in how much Greg would be in there too so after retiring from planning and making a switch to interior design and decorating I wanted the new office to reflect that and make it a his and her office.

his&her office concept board.jpg

I began my deisng pinning away at layouts I loved to use as inspiration. You can find my pinterest inspiration board for this design here. After pinning I went searching, finding the perfect pieces to fit in the space and to create the look I wanted took a few weeks building it out took about a month it would have probably taken less if I wasn’t as mindful of staying in my budget and getting only the pieces I really LOVED and NOT setteling just cause it was ‘cheaper’. When you start ANY design project I highly reccommend not settling and saving, most people settle and then wish they would have just waited for the piece they really wanted.

Office Rendering b.i trademark.jpg

I knew walking into the project I wanted a mix of farmhouse/boho to reflect the rest of our home and to also bring a little twist. I say our home is very California Costal with a hint of Farmhouse/Rustic, knowing your style is imporatant when starting any home project and if you don’t know you style and interior designer/decorator should be able to help you with that! Now onto the good stuff, the reveal…

IMG_5356 2.JPG

Desk | Rug | Mirror {Similar} | Bookcases | Office Chair | Client Seating | Clocks {Similar}{Similar} | Kids Table | Pin Boards | Chandelier | Tray | Desk Plant | Fiddle Leaf Fig | Palm Plant | Bookend {Similar} | Glass Tube Vases | Candle | Office Pen Holder | Calendar | Magazine Holders { Similar} | Lamp | Marble End Table {Similar} | Curtains | Wall Lamps | Curatin Rod

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